The Gates of Hell are still open

Times have changed and the world is in dismay,
Too many tears ask for love,
Gardens of love have turned into battlefield of fear where death is the ruler for the day.

It seems passé to think of angelic miracles as heavenly guards no longer perform,
The membrane between deed and sin has been ripped apart;
It’s too late to realise Adam’s crime as fear is now the subject of the mind.

The seven deadly sins are the satan’s weapon against the mind.

Power yourself with the crown of PRIDE, so as to be systematically selfish;
Guard yourself with weapons of ENVY, so as to enchant yourself by the anguish of another;
Cover yourself with linens of GREED, so as to be an insatiable goblin;
Bathe yourself with lights of LUST, so as to never angst at all;
Fence yourself with arrows of ANGER, so as to prosecute all the emotional or ghostly galleons;
Tranquillise yourself with pills of GLUTTONY, so as to glorify yourself by the annihilation of another;
Entrap yourself within clutches of SLOTH, so as to never “ideal” yourself with the thorns of perfection.

As the wind tangles the fierce and strong, Lucifer glows dark as his shadow grows strong.
The heavens withdraw the gates of pearl and now stands larger as the gates of hell are still open.


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