Dizzy Busy World

And the world’s got me dizzy again, You think after 27 years I’d be used to the spin, And it only feels worse when I stay in one place. So I’m always busy, like I’m pacing around or walking away, I keep the paper from drinking the ink, And I’m balancing history books up on my head, But it all boils down to one quotable phrase, “If you love something, Let it go, If it comes back its yours! If Not, it never was!”

If I stand too close I might fall in, but if I’m too far gone I’ll never win. I’m afraid I tend to disappear into an anxious state when you draw near. There is no reasoning, it’s quite a silly thing, but it’s the way I’ve been for years. So I will understand if you don’t stay. They say I’m great at first, but then the magic fades. So i leave, and I know you wont ask me to stay.


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