Dear Prince Charming, No Damsel in distress here please!

I am no damsel in distress.

Most women wait for their prince charming to come and rescue them from their miserable single life and offer them happily ever after.(I have nothing against you if you are one, but don’t give me a hard time or pity glares if I’m not one of you) I repeat, most women. NOT ALL.

Those women or men who are not happy with their lives need rescuing. The truth is, the only person who can bring you out of your misery is yourself. No fairy godmother or magic spell can transform your pumpkin into a golden carriage (damn Cinderella and her damsel in distress drama, so cliched!). I am aware of that. So I know that I am no damsel in distress.

I know that I hold the power and that I have the last say as to how my ending will be.

As a saying someone thought to themselves one afternoon (**when their respective mothers were nagging them on being 30 and not married with a child**) often reminds the single, “Design a life so amazing that you don’t want to be rescued from it.”

When you are enjoying life, finding happiness in all that you do and in all the places you go to, you invite people to join you in your journey. You don’t make them take pity on you and help you out of your misery.

When you’re on top of the world, only those who are bold and courageous enough will make the effort to be with you. Only the secure and the mature will appreciate you. You become a challenge. You will discourage the complacent and the weak. You will make the insecure envious. Thus, expect a number of admirers and a few haters. You unknowingly repel toxic people. That’s a bonus! You will never settle for the second best!

I don’t want to be that poor naive princess who sits around or sleeps in her castle all day, waiting for a prince to swing by and hopefully get a glimpse of her and decide to set her free from her “prison tower”. I’d rather be out there, fighting for my kingdom with a really nice pair of Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutins’, resisting evil stepmothers or bitches or whoever is trying to steal my happiness away from me, protecting my peeps, paying for the palace and carriage I ride, having no loans or debts, seeing the world in all it’s majesty, actually getting a life!

I am no damsel in distress. I am not impressed by your shining armor. I can fight my own battles. You don’t have to rescue me, sweetheart, but you’re welcome to join me in my kingdom anytime.

There is a price to it though! Show me your battle scars and tell me your war story. You might be just another frog who needs rescuing. In which case, you picked the wrong princess! Move along boy, there ain’t what you need here!


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