Don’t Fall in Love for 3 Reasons, Fall for that 1 Reason

Don’t fall in love with long, wonderful conversations
I get it: nobody can possibly have the kind of connection you have. It transcends normal human interaction and stretches deep into your soul. It’s special, out-of-this world, it’s exceptional. Here’s a news flash for you: that’s what everyone in love thinks. Falling in love on such a deep and personal level is the best feeling in the world, but this also invites the worst kind of heartbreak. And loneliness. And misery.

Don’t fall in love when they never will
Don’t fall in love with a person with commitment issues. Now don’t give me the “I didn’t know they weren’t the commitment type” excuses. You knew. You knew. You think you can change them? Not a chance. You cannot fix a person. You cannot change a person. They will do what they want and they will leave you alone. And heartbroken. And miserable.

Don’t fall in love the second time around
Fall in love once, to feel that enchanting kind of happiness that only love can bring. To feel loved, to feel special. To feel like you own the world, because you have them and nothing else matters. But one heartbreak is enough. Putting yourself through another is just silly. Nobody wants to feel heartbroken and alone and miserable a second time.

But forget about all of that. Forget about the reasons why you should not fall in love.

Forget about when you should not fall in love. Forget about not falling in love. Because when it comes down to it, your heart is going to do whatever it wants. That’s the magic of love, it makes even the most intelligent people drop all logic and common sense. So you might as well sit back and enjoy the ride. Forget about the statistics telling you that there is a 98% chance you’ll crash.

Fall in love because you will anyway. Fall in love deeply. Fall in love intensely. Fall in love unapologetically. Fall in love in spite of it all, because who knows? Maybe you are the exception after all.

So pad up, suit up, pick up some band aids and fall…


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