The Broken Puppet on a String

It’s not you. It was me! I made it easy for you to leave.
I filled in the blanks with words I wanted to hear
God alone knows I held onto you with fear
You never promised me anything yet I believed the emptiness,
It was me, I dug up the hole in my heart that led to the messiness.
I was manipulated by you like a puppet on a string,
Look I made it my fault – ‘This Thing’

All I wanted was to hear your voice, I even had it mapped out how I would rejoice.
Sometimes that’s all I needed was a lie, the only thing I ask now is why!
I wanted to see your face and kiss your bearded chin,
There after the world will know I sinned
Those eyes that saw me through the pictures, so defined and sculpted it created different mixtures

I wanted to smell the Playboy cologne off your neck,
Even if it meant you disappeared without leaving a speck
I wrecked my heart from the start to finish,
Don’t take it personal I wanted to diminish
All to just hold your cold hands under the umbrella,
Run away with you like I was your Cinderella

The little girl who believed in fairytales had been broken,
by several strings she left unspoken

My heart pines for you and its plain wrong. All I want to hear from you is ‘So Long’!
A closure if you dint want me closer, my friends say ‘he owes her.’

Just hurt me. Tear me down to my last gut,
I’m not doing all this just to be your slut.
How easy is this to act like its not much, drain me off my feelings without so much as a touch
Upper-cut my jaw like you were taught, jab your way to being a big shot.

I lose my consciousness, while you get to glory your confidence
You don’t really care for a consequence.

The broken puppet on multiple strings,
She will disappear without so much as a telephone ring.


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