When the cape drops

And they said it over and over again,
You are strong.
You are strong.
All she wanted to do was believe in it as much as they did,
But she told herself it was all wrong

She let her mind bully her body,
She never had the hand to guide like that of a daddy
A masculine past is what made her look less attractive,
Any red-blood that came by knew she was radioactive
It was easier they never tried,
And this she never denied
This is what made her boring, she had so much say she couldn’t contain
No one to listen so she gave into Mary Jane

She got tired and it all backfired;
She got too tired to agree,
She got too tired to object,
Regardless of what they believed, she was being deceived
She was running the wheel, she believed she wasn’t made of steel

Every day she tried not to be tired,
She did it all with a smile on her face and heaven in her eyes
She held on to the burden with the entire world on her shoulders
Like they were twice as big as two boulders

I saw it! I saw the tear drop that fell on her heart
I saw it showing under that super hero she was trying to be from the start.
It was time she decided to throw down the cape, it was her heart that kept saving this world from its fate.


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