Every boy or man I’ve had the audacity to ask what he looks for in a girl says, “I just want a girl who understands”, “someone who makes sense when she talks”, “someone who is more knowledgeable and intelligent than the guy (honestly!)” he promises.

I call BS. Total BS. If I had 1 buck for every man I’ve ever met who contradicted himself by saying that, I’d be bidding on prime real estate in Central Bangalore District! You my friend are the “Lost Boys” of the modern dating world.

A girl who grew up on a heavy dose of E.E.Cummings, John Keats and William Shakespeare, knew she was one helluva stubborn bull and being a conversationalist in this world is crapshoot to most guys. Its a hit and miss! So when its a miss, she decides to put it all on a text message (Hello mistake my old friend) AND gets shot straight in that big old heart that gives too freely, the mind that just wrote what it wanted to say on a call, the little girl who forgot that her E.E.Cummings died in 1962.

Between the Message seen at 00:34 and Last seen at 00:36 stands a message – “TL;DR”

TL;DR – Too Long; Didn’t Read. *Slow Clap*

TL;DR is the new “K”. Ugh! We all have those messages, posts, chapters, stories or random happenings that we don’t share with anyone. But when you do and get TL;DR’d in return, you know it’s a “shut up!”. The one your mind TL;DR’d ’cause no one will understand, everyone will judge or screams it just too much. This is when the brain does a “I told you so!” dance and the heart watches.

Dear E.E.Cummings,
Just wanted to quickly check, are you rolling in your grave yet? Can you ask William Shakespeare if he has any thoughts on the intellect of this fine gentleman I seem to be drawn to? I behold forward to hearing from thee sir.
P.S: Thanks for “I will wade out” xoxo, The Girl.

and he replies,

lief quite quaint lady
thee maketh t too easy for that gent to ignore thee, that’s wherefore that gent TL; DR. The gent is motley-minded and like a stone rampallian. 
But, if freckles were lovely, and day was night, And measles were nice and a lie warn’t a lie, Life would be delight.
William hath kicked the bucket. I hath kicked the bucket. Christopher Poindexter beest the alive. Marry that gent.
PS: that gent wilt nev’r TL; DR thee gorgeous mistress. John and William sayth their Hi and just keepeth t short ❤ Grant you mercy for writing much love, xoxo The Man

Last seen today at 00:46.


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