The Chapter I Unpublished

Sometimes relationships fall apart even though they love each other very much, too much. You love someone in a way that you feel you did your very best and yet you cannot understand why the other is still dissatisfied, angry and even though you tried so damned hard. The other person feels that you didn’t love enough, cannot love in the manner they want to be loved, need to be loved. Worse than stab in the back, more worse than cheating, more worse than being vindictive, you changed. This is when it fell apart.

So they drift apart wordlessly, despite the love, despite the promises, despite dying a little inside. And one day, they realize. It no longer hurts to miss the person. It no longer hurts to want them, the want to be there so badly that you would do anything and say anything to keep them in your life.

It no longer hurts because I can live without you, without your presence. You are the chapter I unpublished.


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