The Poetry of Physics

You are not small.
You are not unworthy.
You are not insignificant

The universe wove you from a constellation
just so, every atom, every fibre in you
comes from a different star.

Together, you are bound by stardust,
altogether spectacularly created
from the energy of the universe itself.

And that, my darling,
is the poetry of physics,
the poetry of you.

Sometimes you read something that echoes with every single breath you take and it is what made you take up poetry in the first place, this is your something borrowed from Nikita Gill. What a poem does to you when you read it is an emotion no poet in the world can express, but you become someone who will never think the world is what is looks like. You become engulfed by words that will instil in you a sense of beauty in everything. Once a Poet’s Life, everything you write or say after that is ‘Always Something Borrowed’.


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