The deadly mutilation of the human mind

A sign that you have been hurt,
A sign that you have healed,
I wonder if I exist in the minds of people I dont talk to anymore,
I wonder how many times a day I pass through someone’s mind.
If there are words clawing at the insides begging to be heard,
So, I put them down on paper and give them to the world.

A deep conversation is all I needed last night,
An assurance that when I woke up in the morning, I won’t feel like a dead person inside.
Nothing serious! Just don’t want to lead a pointless life again and again.

Meet the girl who maybe quiet but has so much in her mind – It speaks;
The kind that has burning suns inside of her, And little by little she has been eaten into.
I distanced myself to save you. To save me.
To Save.
From that I speculate, from that I unlearned, from that I lost,
From the hidden emotions I folded into my heart.

I wish to skip this part of my life,
Yet, I don’t look to replace the void caused by absence.
Maybe because when you seem powerful enough to let the oceans engulf you,
You realise you need to step up your own.

You can’t put on a band aid, you don’t get flowers to be well,
You need to stand up, dust the feeling off and get to work.
Distract the mind and attract the good they say,
I wish my heart was made out of clay.
Do you still think of me like I do of you?
Do you still smell the same when my lips touched your neck?
Do you still wear those deep dimples and smile with those braces?
Do you know that I write about you?


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