When the Dragons weren’t the only ones to breathe fire

“You’re.. you know, curvy”
Oh, I’m ALL curves, baby.
I’m curved like icy switchback turns,
Like a big old pissed-off coil snake
Like bared jaguar jaw, like hungry night,
like hornet sting, like silver knife.
Oh, I’m curvy alright.
Curved like a scythe.

She won’t hesitate
to rip your heart out
and use your dripping blood
as war paint.
She was forged in fire
and raised from the ashes.
Her enemies’ bones have been
ground to dust and she built her
temple upon their ruins.
She is fire
She is rain
She is heart
and she is never afraid.

Get your misogynist ass out of my face please
When they say ‘you fight like a girl’ – damn right
you do fight like hundreds of years of oppression finally trembling
from all the anger they’ve suppressed
you fight like your life depends on it
because every other night it does.

The first time
I shaved my pubes
I didn’t know what the fuck
I was doing. It is possible
that I had watched too much porn,
I had the unrealistic expectations
they talk about and was too naive
to know it. I was just a sixteen year
old girl that wanted someone to think
that she was sexy.

Teach your girl to say no,
to spit no like fire,
to never apologise for it.
her spine: NO. her fists: NO.
Her teeth all NO together.
But first and more importantly,
teach your boy to see no, hear no,
understand no before it’s spelled
out for him Have him take “no” easily,
not as an excuse to keep trying.

Something borrowed but burns like fire within every woman’s soul, some are hard to put a voice to and some are hard to put out – like forest fires.


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