I, wordsinalign, commit to writing

Hello to the ones that can tolerate my writings and haven’t written to cuss me yet,

Hi to the ones who cuss,

If you follow my writings and my blog I’m sure you know and understand how inconsistent I am with my writing!

Sometimes I write too much or I don’t write at all for days, weeks and months on. Let me begin by saying I have my list of excuses all written out. But I’m not going to publish that, instead, I would like to make a committment to write.

Yes, with a big inspiration from many popular challenges like #100daysofhappiness, #spousechallenge, #lovechallenge amongst the many others, I created my own – Lessons I Learnt.  Lessons I Learnt… is my noise creator to fill in the blanks to my existence called Life. This is a series based writing I’m trying to explore; where I will dive into it’s core of philosophy and connect instances of daily life and share my point of view of life lessons and hacks I can take from them. People say I put too much logic into it, but I’d like to keep it light while not hiding my intense side to writing. Share your story or experiences and we can talk about how things create an impact on our every day being. I am open to people’s suggestions and critic of my writing so don’t hestitate to drop me a message or email! I’m always the student 🙂


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