Pizza and Beers

Tonight Dubai was so cold,
it pulled itself a little close to Bangalore
just to have something warm to lie down next to.

Earlier this week, the foreign residence came through and to celebrate,
I stacked a pile of beers, ordered me in some pizza
and dove into it like I felt when it was the sultry air of my city.

On Friday afternoons, when we used to skip work
and sit on the smoked gardens of Arbor for company,
it felt like a thought I couldn’t stop the fading.
Like I could keep the colours if I held the same elements in my hand!

Winter has arrived here.
The rains and thunderstorm will arrive soon after they say.
Some annoyed by its foolish surprise, some at it’s appearances.
Is this what the life looks like now?

Through tinted window towers peeking to the skies,
Sand dust roams the winds.
Gentle reminder: Remember it always fades.


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