We Kissed Near The Jars of Light

Her story doesn’t hold up in the light,
she spent her life losing every fight.
Shadows were more of a friend than a foe,
though without the light, she always stubbed her toe!
She was quick to blink when the light shone too bright,
Kept her eyes shut until the brightness faded regaining their sight.
She was made to believe she couldn’t handle the light,
Couldn’t blame her, the nights were her delight.
She hung around with worms that glowed from their bums,
her tears and pain they would always numb.

The vaults of heaven shot illegal fireworks through the celestial skies, mysteries of the universe with her eyes shut still gave her butterflies.
He looked at her like she was the brightest light he had ever seen,
jars of light guided his heart to a love that had never been.

In the shadows with her eyes closed tight,
he whispered to her, ‘I’m here to make it alright!’
Unsure if she can handle it, she shut ‘em tighter,
he came closer and the light only got brighter.
Her naked eye saw light for the first time,
uttering words that made no sense or rhyme.

There was a moment between his glance and their lips,
where the world stopped so they can kiss.
Her eyes spilled over into a flame,
with every tear a fool she became.
A sign of affection, an act of lust?
Kiss after kiss he turned her to dust.


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