Losing the Good View

My mind slips away losing that good view,
tasting the brutal voices the sand threw.
Announcing the sunset that flares up mountains of thought,
Despite being in the comfort, it was the empty spaces that I sought.
I yearn to unravel through all this jagged gravel,
Tearing away the raging distance on the roads travelled.
Lines stitched into stationed stops that weaved into a six-lane highway,
dividing my time for you in-between Thursday and Friday.
Inspite of all the things the universe took away from us,
the barefooted walk on fire to board a running bus.
The hum of the cars compete for my attention,
the half-volumed waves fill my satisfaction
Sand sticks to my feet and my calves,
giving out cynical grins in halves.
Tossing the dice of of worries I had,
I redeemed myself with fortunes poor but glad!


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