Sailing Paper Boats and Flying Kites

I made paper boats as a child at the age of five, I threw myself into a pond to save it and didn’t know how to dive. Creased and soiled by the muddy lanes, taught me lessons of no pain no gain. You’ve been flying paper kites while I’ve been sailing paper boats, you coloured the skies while I watered everything I wrote. We both played and swayed by the winds, stirring thoughts of sweetness and sadness in our destined minds. It was on dry lands, that fate depended on the lines of our hands.Boats must be launched and kites must be flown, how long will you not sail for the fear of unknown? Up the stream and high in the sky, colourful paper make your eyes cry! It isn’t how big your paper origami sails or how high it flew, it’s how beautiful it looks even when it wrestles the muddy waters and the colour of survival on the skies it drew! Can you see the bridge I made from the mud to the sky, it’s getting difficult to keep my paper boat dry!


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