Sand Dunes Like Salted Honey Piles

Being alone in a country you don’t know can get lonely. They said.
But have you ever wondered how it would feel like to be lost in an unknown land with no one you know as coming home to an East?
You walk the tall streets with signs written in words you can’t speak.
You sit down in a coffee shop that makes your coffee bitter and strong, and you listen to the bustling noises of the door swinging open, footsteps on the staircases, the blender crushing the beans and the music that faintly plays in the background of supercars and trucks that make traffic a struggle to get through. Because they are always going somewhere.

There is something about this coffee shop on SZR as I sit down to write poetry, I wonder how many conversations have happened on these tables before me. Has anyone laughed, cried, sorted out their break up, made up, kissed, said words they wanted to take back or sometimes didn’t. Has anyone written them into a song, a poem or maybe a letter even? I am sitting here where life has woven their conversations into poetry and left me as a spectator to arrange words like birds sitting on an electrical line. Imagining emotions that give me chills in my spine.

I love this solitude that stirs my soul like the wind does to the sand dunes piling them on like salted honey during the most beautiful sunset you have seen. I like to lose cities in myself, like the lovers who have lost themselves right here on this table. I want to carry the ache they have across all the countries I set foot into and heal them with every passing day.

Alone? What do you do for fun, they ask! I’m busy. As busy as the Dubai city streets with a soul as colourful as it’s sunsets. It’s not complicated, just a passion about keeping my flame alive.


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