Obsession of the Deep Blue Sea

She is becoming more ocean-minded with a constant wave of emotion struggling to stay afloat on land. Beneath the tides and calm of the sea, she wraps countless wrecks with her smile at ease. Love the ocean but frown at the beach, watching the waves persistent at their reach. The radiating sun illuminates the blue with colours of gold, like the big blue sea was only in stories they told. The vastness and depths she kept hidden, like an empty vessel creating her own emotional prison. What is this obsession with the oceans that you sea? Endless, mysterious, scary were synonyms she agreed. But it was the ocean that gave the shapeless skies a purpose to breathe. She is chaotic but wasn’t reckless, she is fickle but wasn’t feckless; she deposited her share of silt with every wave, she found no comfort being a slave. It was in the ocean that she stretched her presence, decompressing the pressure she learnt of her existence. She chases not the sun as the day is put to rest, nor the moon that cradles the stars causing unrest. Deep in the ocean no sun no moon exist, its the calmness that swallowed, how could she resist?


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