The Light He Stole

Love is a rainstorm.
Strengths and weaknesses
rattle her insides,
shatter her mind and light up the entire sky.
The light escapes the shuddering shadows
and his words come in like sunlight,
in her world that she needs.
He talks with so much insight,
like a book that she reads.
He is the ‘Rain of Light’
she wishes for to come true,
she counted the 7,850 stars in the night sky
for it’s all her love knew.
In the indigo of the night,
the stars in a blanket grew silver,
by the morning sun they just hid behind
lending them her glow causing him to shine.
Her outer light strikes his surface,
But it was his inner light that strikes her soul,
She was the girl who was blessed by the sun yet it was her light that he stole.


Brown irises dressed of villains of grey

Winter is grey, the dark dull clouds look like rotten snow in the skies. They look dark like a villain wearing a deep and dangerous blue. Dark enough to hide the stars at night covering all 50 shades of a black hue.
She appeared dressed in all white and filled my mind to the brim. She uttered waves into the air and red liquids gushed my chest within. Our eyes met and the world twirled 360 like a little girl showing her flowing dress, the atmosphere was synonymous to a madman’s unrest. A pretty stranger made me fall in love with her, with half tones that delight, her dripping brown irises played an old opera tune.
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 🕌

Weighed in by gravity

Weighed in by gravity, I indulged in petty quarrels of a once happy home. Many are the things unsaid when the tongues are bitter, much is the blood spilled when our hearts are slit. My mind is unfit, festering the words that’ll walk a mile in my soul.

Demanding Attention

Look up! You fill the skies and demand attention that cannot be distracted. You make the stars jealous with your moonbeams. Come with me and let us once again get lost in the stray beams of this rare moon to slowly find ourselves again in the darkness that once contained our light.

A Lifetime of Poetry

I hope I never get tired of your night sky, of thunderstorms, of the play between the dramatic moon and playful stars, of the glowing sunsets that are poured into your skies, of magnificent buildings that look like galaxies from a milyun miles away and of watching lights that make spaces like these look like magic 💫✨This world can get ugly on some days. I hope I never become someone who can no longer see the beauty 🙌🏼🙏🏻 May these spaces inspire a lifetime of poetry out of me now and always.

Bloody Game for Two

I am a difficult person, twisted in my own difficult ways and no one can touch my heart, but it’s only you who lives inside it.
You are my hardest slaughter in love, and you make playing with the blood look like a game for two!

Burn me a little more

I would move mountains, redirect the oceans and capture clouds just to stand next to you. One. More. Time. Are you crazy? They mock. If it doesn’t burn a little then what’s the point of playing with fire?