The Blind Step

The hardest step you need to take is the blind step. Trust it, it’ll be the most beautifully tragic step you’ll ever take that’ll connect you to the parallel universe in your mind. It’ll always be your first slaughter and your first sacrifice, it’s what happens even before you roll the dice. It won’t be perfect, it won’t be nice, it’s what you got to do so you don’t need to pay the price.


Wearing the Universe Backwards

I wear the universe backwards and go fishing in the clouds. I imagine putting the stars into my coffee and two spoons of sugar into the sky. I’m too busy dancing with my imagination than to even tip-toe with reality. I’m playing hide and seek with the two rocks in the sky, day in and day out. I’m going mad they say. They’re right! 🤩

A sinking boat tied to a lamp post

Every island has a shore and none of them are mine, our fate decided not to intertwine. Salt-stained skin and a choking throat, I’ll come home floating in a sinking boat.

The mute lamppost watched her dance in the shadows. When the light was flickering on the empty street at dark, that night will never be on the colour arc. To make someone feel the way you made her feel; is to trade in your soul for a slice of pizza. Left by the garbage cans across the street. Abandoned. Her love tied to a lamppost, it’s better off alone.

Places not People

I want to go places people dream about, I want to go places people talk about, I want to be in the places people never see. Places where it feels like the street lamps were hung just for you, there are fewer cracks in the sidewalk so you wouldn’t fall, there are more flowers on full bloom just so they make you smile. Maybe this is what love feels like, less like coming home and more like being lost in familiar places.

It’s a Conspiracy!

There are 2.866 million people in the city tonight. Each breathing fire, like the flames they ignite you see shining so bright. They’re the city of angels, they’re monsters that roam the night, they’re warriors born to not give up without a fight. Although diverse, their hearts beat in time to the city of lights. I stare and write poetry about it. With the large rock that casts a faint glow against my side of the Earth for company; I wonder if it was him who conspired for this moment to be?

Anchor Up!

Hey you sailor, drift away from the harbour pull up your anchor and set sail to the horizon. Take off your blindfold and hoist the flag high, the wind is your guide and the sun and moon play your compass. Cut off from the mainland, the saline water beckons you and every grain of sand cushions your feet. Drift away into unknown waters, so you live to know them all!

Hold your Breath!

I live for the night.
I live for the lights.
This skyline is etched in my veins. You can never put that out, no matter how hard it rains.

I wonder, if the sunrise ever looks down on us inhabitants, And holds its breath as the beauty of life overwhelms even that of the sky!