Constellations of Hercules 

I’m trapped under this dome of blue, it holds my gaze while changing into different hues. Upon the brilliant starlight, I found the constellation of Hercules. Kissing the horizon, I’ve laid tracks in my head that will take me anywhere. Anywhere; but I can’t bring myself to take a step. I have unpacked my bag of fears, knowing it’s not worthy of the trip, while the dome of light still holds a grip. The dome cracks as light shines upon the darkest parts of my mind, allowing my cuts to be bandaged by the compassionate and kind. My truth to you will not be of ease for me, but in the end will be my ease for I came to you, my dome of light 💡


Stranger stranger are you there?

Just like a stranger you walked into my life,
A little known but still a lot unknown.
You danced into my dream, you dashed into my life.
Whenever we met, a hurricane howled through my mind;
An incomprehensible blindness covered my eyes, A shattering earthquake engulfed my being.
As you turned to me, a glance stolen sweet me off my feet.

My cupid struck heart spoke a thousand words that couldn’t reach my mouth.
I wanted to tell yo that you meant the universe to me; but, I could never understand that how in the universe should I tell you that!
You were the best thing that happened to me, but I was frightened to believe.
I’ve known him of years now and you haven’t known me at all.
Yet, my cupid stuck heart stammers to say – I loved you!