Brown irises dressed of villains of grey

Winter is grey, the dark dull clouds look like rotten snow in the skies. They look dark like a villain wearing a deep and dangerous blue. Dark enough to hide the stars at night covering all 50 shades of a black hue.
She appeared dressed in all white and filled my mind to the brim. She uttered waves into the air and red liquids gushed my chest within. Our eyes met and the world twirled 360 like a little girl showing her flowing dress, the atmosphere was synonymous to a madman’s unrest. A pretty stranger made me fall in love with her, with half tones that delight, her dripping brown irises played an old opera tune.
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 🕌


Bloody Game for Two

I am a difficult person, twisted in my own difficult ways and no one can touch my heart, but it’s only you who lives inside it.
You are my hardest slaughter in love, and you make playing with the blood look like a game for two!

Burn me a little more

I would move mountains, redirect the oceans and capture clouds just to stand next to you. One. More. Time. Are you crazy? They mock. If it doesn’t burn a little then what’s the point of playing with fire?

Rejuvenation of my Soul

At times, I have gotten tired, feel sick of what I do. I feel like hue and cry to express myself of all the things I let die. A place where I don’t feel the need to apologise, not afraid to let go. For I find myself mesmerised by you, through the rambles of my soul.
Even years later, I see you in your timeless glory, my eyes will still be mesmerised awakening my soul.

Tunes of A Flute, Dreams of A Mute

In the night to day, love love love- that may you have gotten or lost. That’s why the poetry, makes a symmetry between metaphorical cohesions, in the tunes of a flute or the dreams of the mute!

Rubbing stones to create fire

It’s not the nights of fiery passion challenging the moon but rather the moments in the morning when she is sipping her coffee with her glasses on and it fogs up as she takes her first sip and she crinkles up her nose and smiles at me staring at her. It’s the gentle elbow nudge during a movie pointing to the man on screen with a smirk to tell me that he’s as particularly handsome as me. Its these looks and nudges that move mountains, more than that is created when two stones are rubbed together to create fire.

Have Mercy!

Fight the stubbornness in my bones, it’ll be the greatest battle you’ll fight, you will have to pour love down my throat and burn down these walls I’ve built. Perhaps then I will drop my weapons and invite you in, after we have buried and burnt down the corpses.

This is how I sent you a message and asked you to kill the demons I was fighting within. Instead of bringing in your sharpest sword; you take a cloth and rope, gently cover its eyes and tie a rope and lead it out to allow it to walk away.

It shocked me! This is how I knew you were the one. I knew that if I’m ever caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, just being alive, you’ll greet me with the same kind of mercy. Not the fancy dinners, expensive clothes or cars, not the diamonds or precious stones! This is the love I wanted to feel in return for showing my scars.