Words in a line about Wordsinalign

“I write as an artist to fill the page with words
I write to ease the pain that the dark lonely night bestows,
I write as my hand is guided by the heart”

Wordsinalign aka Deepti is a writer, blogger, poet and random scribbler living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and has begun her journey by writing about feelings, emotions, rants and thoughts that are full of daily experiences you can relate to. It’s like she puts words to your thoughts.

“Even giants feel small in her presence, she is the one they will write stories about and be mildly obsessed with her writing and poetry.”

She is a sassy writer, who strives to make you laugh through her posts and wordings; making you dig deep into the cockles of your heart and feel from the liver which holds your drink at the ungodly hour she chooses to write in. Then you wake up with a ‘let the world end on me’ hangover wishing that everything normal with you is actually abnormal. Deepti is complete with her madness and delusions, where she proclaims she is related to the Royal families of Shakespeare, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Poindexter, Neruda, Wilde, Kipling and Rumi.

She does everything from poetry to writing articles, reviews, marketing, event management, creative writing to eating really spicy chicken wings. She truly believes in a world where the motives of the chicken crossing the street isn’t questioned but is encouraged, just so she can taste how their wings feel marinated in BBQ sauce.

Born in April, Deepti has been raised with the swagger of a Taurean bull and the spirit of a South-Indian hustler hudugi in the beautiful city of Bangalore. Living in Dubai has changed her and she now romanticises the city ways, while walking around, capturing traveller things and playing swiping games that fuel her passion to write, rant and express. You can catch her daily inkings on the following social platforms:

Facebook: @wordsinalign
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wordsinalign
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wordsinalign/
Storyteller’s Guide to her Galaxy: https://wordsinaline.wordpress.com


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